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Salla Viitanen – a 30-year-old lawyer and M.A (musicology) from Helsinki

The municipal election will be held in June 2021, and I am running for the City Council of Helsinki for the first time. I represent the political party The Left Alliance (Vasemmisto), as the party’s current efforts and policies are focused on three themes close to my heart: equality, environment and the future of employment. 

Helsinki needs to have more ambitious plans to stop the climate crisis. I believe our current solutions to this crisis can – and must – be improved. Did you know that many decisions affecting nature are made in city councils all around Finland, not in the Parliament? As the capital city of Finland, Helsinki has a great potential to change our society to a better direction. This is why I am running for the City Council.


  • 30-year-old union lawyer living in Meilahti
  • Proactive and competent candidate with a strong background in culture and music industry
  • Principled and unbribable defender of equality, climate, welfare society, and culture and creativity 
  • Core values include justice, education, environment, solidarity
  • In addition to following politics, enjoys singing, reading books, and strolling in Keskuspuisto.


As a firm believer in labour rights and law, I feel both privileged and honoured to work as a union lawyer for The Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers where I have the possibility to defend those advancing science.    

I have a passion towards both law and culture, and in my career I have combined these two: I have a degree also in musicology, and I have worked in the music industry, concentrating on music publishing and copyright issues.  

I have been passionate about politics for as long as I can remember. I have always felt that each of us has an opportunity – and responsibility – to impact politics, and thus to serve our community. This point of view has encouraged me to take part in the decision making already in upper secondary school where I became a member of the board of the student union. Later on during my university studies, I chaired for example the student organization of musicology students (Synkooppi ry) as well as my representative group. 

My various experiences in politics have taught me that the world is what we make of it. Solving the various problems affecting our daily life and threatening the future requires influencing the development of society. As the present trajectory was created by humans, it can be changed and corrected by humans too. This task might be challenging at times, but pays off in the long run. Together we can start today, and build a better future for humankind, without forgetting to respect animals and nature.  


•   Master of Laws, University of Helsinki 2019

•   Master of Arts (musicology), University of Helsinki 2016

•   Musician, Conservatory of Helsinki 2014

•   Graduate, Madetoja upper secondary school 2010

Contact: salla.i.viitanen(at)